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Nossrat Peseschkian

If You Want Something You Never Had, Then Do Something You Never Did (English, German, Russian, Turkish)

Richard Werringloer

The Little Kite Flyer (English Edition)

Maksim Goncharov

Conflict Operationalization in Positive Psychotherapy

Ivan Kirillov

Stress Surfing

Sinici E, Sari , Maden О.

Primary and Secondary Capacities in Post-Traunatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Patients in terms of Positive Psychotherapy

Tugba Sarı & Ali Eryılmaz (2020)

Positive Psychotherapy in PTSD and Post-traumatic Growth

Keven-Akliman & Ali Eryılmaz (2017)

The Effectiveness of a Body Image Group Counselling Program on Adolescent Girls in High School

Huysse-Gaytandjieva, A. & Bontcheva, I.

Why do we fail to adapt to a different culture? A development of a therapeutic approach

Christian Henrichs

Psychodynamic Positive Psychotherapy Emphasizes the Impact of Culture in the Time of Globalization

Maksim Goncharov

Operationalisation of Countertransference in Positive Psychotherapy

Ali Eryilmaz (2018)

Self-Perceptions of Young Males who were Offenders and Non-offenders: Positive and Pathological Self-Images

Ali Eryilmaz (2018)

Comparison of Offender and Non-offender Young Men to Setting Goals for Life and Attributing Meaning to Life

Ali Eryılmaz (2014)

Meaning of life-setting life goals: comparison of substance abusers and non-abusers

Ali Eryilmaz (2011)

Budget development class guidance program for adolescencent with respect to positive psychotherapy and comprehensive guidance

Ali Eryilmaz (2010)

Using of Positive Psychotheraphy Narratives at School

Sam Cyrous

Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy

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