Are you an author who loves and practices positive psychotherapy and wants to share your knowledge with a wider audience? Look no further! WAPP Press is here to help you become a published author.

Why Choose WAPP Press?

  • Experts in Positive Psychotherapy: We specialize in publishing books about Positive Psychotherapy and related subjects. We understand this important field and want to promote books that help people feel better and understand different cultures.
  • Supportive Publishing Experience: Our team helps with final editing, designing and publishing your book. We’ll make sure your publishing journey is smooth.
  • Reduce Costs: WAPP Press ensures that books are printed and distributed as per demand, reducing unnecessary costs and wastage, through prominent platforms like Amazon and WAPP’s own website / shop.
  • Reach More Readers: We know it’s important to reach the right people. If you publish with WAPP Press, your book will be available on Amazon and our own website. We will help promote your book to the readers who will love it the most.
  • Favorable Conditions: Authors publishing under WAPP Press retain the copyright to their work and receive a fair and advantageous royalty. Get in touch with us to learn more about the terms and conditions we can offer to the author.

Starting to publish a book can feel scary, but with WAPP Press, it’s exciting and rewarding. We want to share your positive psychotherapy ideas with the world, and we’ll take care of the hard parts of publishing so you can focus on writing.

All authors interested in collaborating with WAPP Press are welcome to reach out to us at wapp@positum.org