WAPP‘s main postgraduate training program is divided into four parts. These parts are designed in a sequential order, i.e. they need to be completed successively starting with the lowest level.

  • Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy (Basic Course)
  • Certified Positive Psychotherapist (Master Course)
  • European Certified Positive Psychotherapist
  • Basic Course Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy
  • Master Course Trainer for Positive Psychotherapy

The courses are split up into modules of 3 or 4 days each, spread over several months depending on the kind of course.

Training standards

Certificate and diploma fees

WAPP charges a certification fee for every issued certificate. The fees are graded according to the completed level of PPT education and to the financial level of the country, in which the course was attended.

Below please find the costs for the certificates to be paid to the World Association for Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP).

The amount of the administration fee is based on the categories defined by the World Bank regarding each country’s economic situation.

Please note that until further notice all Eastern European countries, which are listed by the World Bank as category A countries, will be counted as category B countries (due to the economic situation of January 2017).

Please also note that the fees for the “Certified Positive Psychotherapist” have increased and from now on include one year of WAPP membership. Graduates who are already WAPP members and have paid their fee for the according year get a 25 EUR discount on their certificate fee.

The costs for participating in the training seminar will be charged additionally by the local organizers of the seminars.

CertificateCategory ACategory BCategory CCategory D
Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy (200 hours)100 EUR75 EUR50 EUR25 EUR
Certified Positive Psychotherapist (885 hours)275 EUR225 EUR175 EUR105 EUR
European Certified Positive Psychotherapist (1400 hours)375 EUR300 EUR225 EUR130 EUR
Basic Trainer Diploma300 EUR250 EUR180 EUR100 EUR
Master Trainer Diploma400 EUR300 EUR200 EUR120 EUR