International training program

WAPP promotes the theory, method and practice of Positive Psychotherapy. It is engaged in the training of postgraduate professionals in psychotherapy, family therapy and counseling in different countries. In addition, WAPP organizes workshops, lectures, conferences and seminars pertaining to the different aspects of PPT as well as cross-cultural exchange of theories, techniques and research.

160+ WAPP trainers, conducting Positive Psychotherapy training (education) courses in 21 different countries.


WAPP Training Standards

WAPP has developed universal Training Standards for the postgraduate trainings in Positive Psychotherapy.

These standards are obligatory for everyone. The standards may differ in some countries. But the WAPP defined standards are the minimum requirements, which need to be fulfilled.

The Training Standards in detailed version describe preconditions, duration and obligatory training parts, as well as organizational aspects, such as size of seminar groups and number of trainers. At the moment PPT courses are arranged in different formats: in-person, online and mixed.

The overview version of the Training Standards gives you a fast impression on preconditions, training hours and titles/certificates you can obtain in the training programs.