Guidelines for Grant Applications from WAPP


How can I get financial support from WAPP for a PhD thesis, research, or publication project?

WAPP supports members or practitioners for PhD thesis and research projects related to and of benefit to Positive Psychotherapy. The WAPP Board of Directors decides about financial support always case-by-case.

To get a detailed impression of the applicant’s project, the Board needs meaningful information on it. Therefore, please find below a list of project information to be handed in for the decision making. Please bear in mind that WAPP is a non-profit organization and directly responsible to its members regarding the spending of its funds. Therefore, detailed information is needed.

The amount of the grant will also be decided case-by-case.

Description/ RequirementsGrant amount*Documents we need**
Research projectsResearch projects related to the application of Positive Psychotherapy and/or evidence of the effectiveness of this method.1000 – 2000 EUR1. c.v.
2. Research proposal
3. Financial plan
PhD and post doc thesisThe topic of the dissertation must be related to the application of Positive Psychotherapy.500 – 1500 EUR1. c.v.
2. Research proposal
3. Financial plan
Scientific articles***Publication of articles related to Positive Psychotherapy (must be specified in keywords) indexed in Web of Science or Scopus databases.300-1000 EUR1. c.v.
2. Data about the article and journal
* The amount is approved by the WAPP’s Board of Directors. Depends on the study design, connection with PPT and journal’s rating (for p.3).
** See the description of each document below
*** Request for monetary remuneration is possible only after the publication and indexing of the article no later than 1 year after the date of publishing.


1. A c.v. with personal data of the applicant (name, town, country, address, profession, educational background, professional focus, etc.) (1-2 pages)

2. Research proposal: (2-3 pages)

– Topic of the project/thesis
– Name of the University/institute at which the project will be accomplished (and please name, if possible, the name of the scientific adviser/supervisor)
– Aim and objects of the research
– Study design (outline of the project) (one page resume)
– Excepted results
– Explanation about the benefit of PPT and/or WAPP by this project


3. Full financial/business plan: (1-2 pages)

– Budgeting
– The amount of money the applicant will need from WAPP
– How the grant funds will be directed
– How much of it will you pay yourself or through your resources


4. Data about the article and journal

– Article (title, abstract, keywords, DOI, date of publishing).
– Journal (official name, link to the official website, link or print screen for confirmation of indexing).


Please send this information directly to the WAPP Head Office by email (wapp@positum.org) addressing the WAPP Board. Please do not give this information only orally by phone, or by WhatsApp, or via a third person to forward.

Thank you and we are looking forward to receiving your application!

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