WAPP Research Grant

What do I need to do to get financial support from WAPP for a PhD, research or publication project?

WAPP supports members or practitioners with PhD and research projects related to and of benefit to Positive Psychotherapy. The WAPP Board of Directors decides about financial support always case-by-case.

To get a detailed impression of the applicant’s project, the Board needs meaningful information on it. Therefore, please find below a list of project information to be handed in for the decision making. Please bear in mind that WAPP is a non-profit organization and directly responsible to its members regarding the spending of its funds. Therefore, detailed information is needed.

The amount of the grant will also be decided case-by-case.


Honorary Members of WAPP

The World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP) honors its outstanding and most engaged members with the merit of Honorary Membership.

The honorary membership has only been granted three times so far. Honorry members of WAPP are: