Cyrous S. (2014) Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy. In: Leeming D.A. (eds) Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion. Springer, Boston, MA.


Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy is mainly a psychotherapeutic method and theory created by Nossrat Peseschkian M.D., Ph.D. (Iran, June 18, 1933 – Germany, April 27, 2010). Born and raised in Iran, Peseschkian moved to Germany in 1954 for his studies in medicine, where he became a specialist in neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, and psychosomatic medicine. He was also a faculty member of the European Evolution Conference of Psychotherapy, held in Hamburg between July 27 and 31, 1994, next to Ellis, Lowen, Frankl, Masters, Madanes, Szasz, Beck, Wolpe, M. Goulding, Yalom, Selvini, Masterson, Minuchin, Marmor, Meyer, Stierlin, Lazarus, Glasser, Kernberg, Gendlin, Watzlawick, Trenkle, Grawe, Hillman, Haley, Meichenbaum, Polster, Rossi, and Zeig.

Due to his own transcultural situation (Germany-Iran), Peseschkian coordinated a cross-cultural research in more than 20 cultures, with conclusions that become summarized in what is known as…