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Welcome to our unique membership program! Explore exclusive resources, diverse professional development options, discounts, networking opportunities, and other membership benefits designed to elevate your professional journey.

We offer several membership types designed to meet the diverse needs of our community. Discover the options provided below to find the one that best fits your goals and interests, and become a part of our warm, supportive community.

Full Membership

Full Membership

For Certified Positive

50 EUR per year

Requirements: Completion of a Master Course training with the certification of Certified Positive Psychotherapist

• Voting rights and access to member-exclusive resources.
• Discounts and dedicated resources.
• Eligibility for election to the WAPP Board and committees.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership

For Basic Course

25 EUR per year

Requirements: Completion of a Basic Course training with the certification of Basic Consultant
of Positive Psychotherapy.

• Access to member benefits similar to full members, excluding passive voting rights.
• Access to member-exclusive resources and discounted conference fees.

Supportive Membership

Supportive Membership

Open to

10 EUR per year

No requirements are needed.

• Recognition as a supporter of the work of WAPP.
• Attend general assemblies and other association activities without the right to vote.



Institutional membership is mandatory for Centers and National Associations for Positive Psychotherapy.

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Let WAPP serve as your professional home and enjoy the benefits of membership:

All our members receive acknowledgment for their contribution to WAPP through the personalized membership certificate, issued annually and signed by the head office and they benefit of head office support with all issues related to PPT and their membership.

<strong>Exclusive Resources:</strong>

Exclusive Resources:

– Access to resources, articles, and research materials according to membership type.

– Included with all types of membership is the access to our journal (peer-reviewed semi-annual publication – indexed DOI, DOAJ, ICI, etc.)

– Priority in being informed about new developments, books, and other relevant news in the field of positive psychotherapy.

<strong><strong>Professional Development</strong>:</strong>

Professional Development:

– The opportunity to develop as a positive psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor in PPT.

– Support you in obtaining the European certification as psychotherapist (ECP).

– The convenience of tracking Continuing Education (CPD) ensuring that members can easily maintain their professional credentials.

<strong><strong>Networking Opportunities</strong>:</strong>

Networking Opportunities:

– Connect with professionals and peers in the field of positive psychotherapy through member-exclusive events and forums.

– The chance to establish various interest groups/committees and engage in collaboration with colleagues from five different continents in your field of interest.

– Inclusive educational setting with culturally sensitive trainings and workshops.



– Enjoy discounted participation fees for conferences, events, and other offerings.

– Event discounts up to 50%, discounted prices for certain publications.

<strong><strong><strong>Community Engagement</strong></strong>:</strong>

Community Engagement:

– Engage with a vibrant community dedicated to advancing mental health worldwide through positive psychotherapy.

– Information and guidance for members transitioning to practice in a new country, via our working groups.

– Transcultural environment where members can engage with diverse perspectives and experiences, fostering enriched learning and collaboration.

<strong><strong><strong>Member Portal</strong></strong>:</strong>

Member Portal:

– The member portal is an easy-to-use, convenient online platform.

– Manage your membership on wapp.member365.com: Update Personal Info, Register to Events, Customize Your Interests, CPD Tracker (soon)

WAPP membership fees and payment options

Here you can find the current membership fees according to your individual membership status.

Payment options:

  • Credit/Debit Card payment; PayPal; SEPA; AliPay; Bank transfer

Members in Germany can also participate in collection by direct debit. Please click here fort the form for direct debit mandate.

For those using PayPal, automatic payments are also available via PayPal subscription (more info here)

Membership typeAnnual membership fee
Full membership
Completed a Master Course training with the certification of “(European) Certified Positive Psychotherapist”.
50 EUR
Associate membership
Completed a Basic Course training with the certification of “Basic Consultant of Positive Psychotherapy”
25 EUR
Supportive membership
Everyone interested in Positive Psychotherapy
10 EUR
Trainer membership
National Basic and Master Course Trainers**
75 EUR
Trainer membership
International Basic and Master Course Trainers***
150 EUR

** You are a national trainer when you only offer training seminars in your own country.
*** Your are an international trainer when you also offer training seminars outside your own country.

Membership payments can be made via WAPP online shop or WAPP Member Portal
Membership typeAnnual fee first 3 yearsAnnual fee after 3 years
Institutional membership for Centers50 EUR100 EUR
Institutional membership for Associations100 EUR150 EUR