The aim of this study is to improve an educational programme about family budget management for adolescents with respect to positive psychotherapy and comprehensive guidance. The method of this study is one group pretest‐posttest design; the sample consisted of 18 adolescent high school students, and was carried out over six sessions. Content analyses method and pre‐test post‐test methods were used for evaluating the program. The six sessions were titled need analysis, income and expense lists, cost of living index, and interpretation of narratives, evaluation and sharing of the results. The main result indicated that the programme is useful for adolescents (22.78 %) and they gained beneficial knowledge in six key areas. In the future, this programme could be used in family budget management for adolescents, and can be included on school counseling programs.

Keywords: Positive PsychotherapyBudget ManagamentAdolescentsComprehensive Guidance