DOI: 10.52982/lkj168

Abstract. The article presents the results of a study of the features of the time perspective of students with disabilities. It is revealed that the majority of the students with disabilities who were studied are dominated by the hedonistic profile of the time perspective – orientation to fleeting pleasures from the present “here and now”; avoidance of thoughts, meaningfulness of the consequences of their own actions and activities in the future. It is established that the Balanced time perspective of students with disabilities is represented by moderately high indicators of time orientation to the future, low negative past, high hedonistic present. In the profile of an unbalanced time perspective, high indicators of orientation to the negative past, fatalistic and hedonistic present, and low indicators of orientation to the future are expressed. The relationship of a balanced time perspective with the personal qualities of self-determination, self-understanding, self-acceptance, autonomy, self-efficacy and life satisfaction is revealed. Predictors of the time perspective of students with disabilities are: self-acceptance, as a conscious acceptance of the diversity of their own selves; the attitude of others as a resource for developing their own effectiveness and personal autonomy, which allows them to adequately assess their own capabilities, make their own decisions independently and take life responsibly.

Keywords: time perspective, balanced time perspective, disabled students, self-attitude, self-efficacy, personal autonomy