DOI: 10.52982/lkj182


The article provides the reflection of Kazakh culture and mentality in the context of Positive psychotherapy. The author is a Kazakh woman who was born and grew up in a traditional Kazakh family, is also a Basic consultant in Positive psychotherapy, lived and studied offline in Turkey, Finland, South Korea and Russia. Positive psychotherapy is the method that is based on a transcultural view. It covers both eastern and western cultures. The mentality of Kazakh people, values, culture, and tradition are reflected in the article by using the Conflict model, the Balance model, primary and secondary capabilities, and a family treatment model of Positive psychotherapy. The key conflict for most Kazakh people is in being polite and not telling about their true feelings and thoughts. The concept that “talking a lot is bad” is widespread among Kazakhs. An example of a general conflict model of Kazakh people is presented in the article.

Keywords: positive and transcultural psychotherapy, Kazakh mentality, Kazakh history, Balance model, Conflict model