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The World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP) is a dedicated promoter of Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) and constantly advances its principles and practices. With a strong commitment to providing accessible resources to everyone, WAPP has established WAPP Press to publish the works of our established authors and books of our newcomer authors on the latest findings in Positive Psychotherapy.

All authors interested in collaborating with us are welcome to visit WAPP Press page or reach out to us at wapp@positum.org

Karin Tritt, Thomas H. Loew, Martin Meyer, Birgit Werner & Nossrat Peseschkian

Quality Assurance and Effectiveness Study of Positive psychotherapy

Nadezda Mileva & Petya Terziivanova 

Българските народни приказки – ключ към емоциите на нашите деца [Bulgarian folk tales – a key to our children’s emotions]

Dr. Richard-Christian Werringloer

LIVING A FULFILLED LIFE: Self-Exploration and Personal Growth with Positive Psychotherapy after Prof. Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian

Gabriela Hum

Vãlul orbitor al inconstientului [in Romanian]

Liana Don

Toba feminina de tinichea [in Romanian]

Gabriela Hum

Cand un inceput poate fi o continuare [in Romanian]

Nossrat Peseschkian

Psihoterapia vieţii cotidiene [in Romanian]

Udo Boessmann & Arno Remmers

Psihoterapia Psihodinamică Pozitivă [in Romanian]

Hamid Peseschkian & Connie Voigt

Psiho-vampirii. Despre relaţionarea pozitivă cu hoţii de energie. [in Romanian]

Colectiv OPD

Diagnostic Psihodinamic Operaţionalizat OPD-2. Manual de diagnostic şi planificarea terapiei [in Romanian]

Nossrat Peseschkain

Poveşti orientale ca instrumente de psihoterapie [in Romanian]

Nossrat Peseschkian

Psihoterapie pozitivă. Teorie şi practică [in Romanian]

Claudia Christ

Das emotionale „Gesicht“ chronischer Erkrankungen. Leitfaden für die biopsychosoziale Anamnese

Hamid Peseschkian, 1998

Позитивная психотерапия как транскультуральный подход в российской психотерапии: докторская диссертация

Ivan Kirillov


Hamid Peseschkian

Positive psychotherapy: Core principles

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