WAPP regularly organizes and/or supports events, in-person and online, that facilitate networking, interaction and professional development of counsellor, psychotherapists and trainers.

  • Training for Ukrainian refugees, 2022 March and May, Leszno, Poland, Number of attendees: 500, including children, parents and grandparents;
  • 2022 November 26-28: Online World Conference “Psychotherapy and psychotherapists in a world of crises”. 167 attendees.
  • “Emergency Training in Trauma Healing” 2022 June 13-14;
  • Active participation at the First Tunisian-German Congress of Psychiatry, 28-29.10.2022, Hammamet, Tunisia. 100 young psychiatrists;
  • 20-23.3.2024, International Conference “Building Bridges for Mental Health” in Istanbul (Türkiye). 300 participants from 25 countries.
  • 19.11.2023, Second Online World Conference. 186 attendees.
  • 13-15.10.2023 First WAPP Caucasian Conference, Tbilisi (Georgia). 150 participants.