In recent years WAPP has provided a financial support:

  • for young researchers, especially from low-income countries;
  • for Ukrainian psychotherapists to cover some supervision and therapy sessions during 2022;
  • for the two educational camps in July 2022 and 2023 in Bulgaria, where 80 Ukrainian psychotherapists attended.

Guidelines for Research Grant Applications from WAPP

How can I get financial support from WAPP for a PhD thesis, research, or publication project?

WAPP supports members or practitioners for PhD thesis and research projects related to and of benefit to Positive Psychotherapy. The WAPP Board of Directors decides about financial support always case-by-case.

To get a detailed impression of the applicant’s project, the Board needs meaningful information on it. Therefore, please find below a list of project information to be handed in for the decision making. Please bear in mind that WAPP is a non-profit organization and directly responsible to its members regarding the spending of its funds. Therefore, detailed information is needed.

The amount of the grant will also be decided case-by-case.