10 EUR

Supportive member annual fee

Supportive member annual fee

Suggested Price: 10.00

For payment by bank transfer contact the Head Office

Positive Psychotherapy is represented by WAPP members, groups, Centers, and National Associations in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Let WAPP serve as your professional home and enjoy the benefits of membership. If you are interested in becoming a WAPP member, please see the chapter Membership.

WAPP membership benefits:


  • WAPP members receive membership certificate.
  • The WAPP logo distinguishes our members and indicates their commitment to our standards and Ethics. We also help clients and patients find you!
  • Once you obtain professional Member status, you will also be included in WAPP’s online professional international member liston our website.

Become a leader

  • Serve on committees and in leadership roles at the national or local level, contribute to the WAPP blog and Journal “The Global Psychotherapist”.
  • Present at World Congresses, International Training Seminars and regular WAPP conferences.
  • Help develop PPT training by becoming a Trainer or Organizer, open a PPT center.

Discounts / Affinity Benefits

  • Receive discounts on participation fees for WAPP events where PPT professionals all over the world share their insights. Access to WAPP scholarship programs.
  • As WAPP member you are automatically a member of the IFP and have access to the Journal “Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics” at a reduced rate.
  • The possibility to get the Certificate of EAP. It ensures equal standards of education and training across Europe.

Essential Resources and Tools

  • Members-only content, special section on our website.
  • Access to more information and news from our organization, Trainer’s toolkits, promotion materials etc.

Build your network

  • Connect with other PPT professionals through our internal member community for invaluable resources, advice, and professional insights.
  • Opportunity to always contact the WAPP Head Office for all issues concerning PPT.