500 EUR

First Caucasian conference (Full package)

First Caucasian conference (Full package)

Suggested Price: 500.00

All-inclusive package
First International Caucasian Conference on PPT
13-15 October 2023. Tbilisi, Georgia
For payment by bank transfer contact the Head Office
“Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy as a Bridge between Cultures”

Conference website: http://bridge2023.tilda.ws/

Registration and abstract submission

During the conference, we invite you to stay in the historic Brim hotel in the old city center of Tbilisi.
The participation fee is 500 Euro. The organizers have arranged a special all-inclusive package which includes:

  • conference registration and participation
  • accommodation for 4 nights
  • meals (breakfast-lunch-dinner, coffee-breaks)
  • gala dinner
  • excursion
  • airport transfers.

Due to the rather high cost of hotel and conference hall services in Tbilisi, the organizers decided not to include any additional fees for participation in the conference. Otherwise, the cost of participation would have increased by more than 35 percent. In light of this, the cost of participation of accompanying persons remains the same as for all conference participants – 500 euros. And includes accommodation, transfer, meals, excursion and gala dinner.

If you would like to arrive earlier or leave later, please contact us and send us your travel dates.

In order to know the exact number of participants, we kindly ask you to confirm and pay for your participation before September 1, 2023. For details, please contact us. We also kindly ask you to send us the exact dates of your flight in order to arrange a transfer.

For any additional information please contact: edokunova@gmail.com, wapp@positum.org
Looking forward to meet you in Georgia!