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Kirillov, Ivan.
Basics of Positive Psychotherapy / Ivan Kirillov. — M.: Academy of Transcultural Psychotherapy, 2021. — ISBN 978-5-906139-18-4.

About the book:

This book follows the program of Positive Psychotherapy developed by the WAPP (www.positum.org). It sets out the main concepts of Dr Peseschkian’s teaching and its development over the past decades and offers practical recommendations, compelling examples, and exercises. The book addresses teachers and students, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, medical doctors and nurses, psychologists and social workers, and others interested in the method.

This book reflects the dynamic development of Positive Psychotherapy, and psychotherapy in general. The course content was determined, then condensed to present the method’s basic concepts, tools and techniques. The first edition (2006) was very well received. More than one generation of colleagues in Russia, Ukraine, and Israel have used it with great success.The material’s presentation has been updated as needed, based on the practice of recent years. In the second edition, I applied my personal experiences, using Dr. Peseschkian’s development of Positive Psychotherapy. May this inspire you, reader, to use this method as a practical evolving theory. May it inspire and further your creative professional development.

About the author:

Dr. Ivan Kirillov, MD, PhD, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, International Trainer, Member of the Board of Directors of the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy- WAPP, Member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Psychotherapy (IJP), creator of the concept of Stress Surfing.

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