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The official release: 1 February 2021

DOI: 10.52982/197701

Dear Reader,

It is with great pride and delight we are able to present to you the first edition of “The Global Psychotherapist” – International Journal of Positive Psychotherapy. As you will discover, The Global Psychotherapist has been put together by an outstanding group of editors who are responsible for selecting and arranging the articles that make up its content. All articles have been blind peer reviewed by scholars with Positive Psychotherapy expertise in the medical and counseling fields. We thank you for all for the in-depth work, focus and time commitment to bringing this journal to full publication.

“The Global Psychotherapist” aims to inform, stimulate debate and assist the profession of psychotherapy to develop across boundaries and continents. The journal’s goal is to inform about the transcultural benefits of Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) and its unique approach to healing, increasing the evidentiary basis for PPT’s effectiveness and to share its immensely practical application in various domains and fields including medical, educational and social.
Positive Psychotherapy was originally founded in 1968 by our beloved Nossrat Peseschkian (June 18, 1933 – April 27, 2010) who authored more than 26 different psychotherapeutic books, as “differential analysis,” an ode to how people develop and refine their innate capacities. By 1977, it formally become Positive Psychotherapy. Positive Psychotherapy is an inherently transcultural form of psychotherapy that is one part psychodynamic and one part humanistic. It is designed to help clients reorient and advocate for themselves by using their inner resources to overcome challenges, understand and recognize areas of growth, and focus on working towards resilience and developing a greater sense of self.

Our long-term goal for “The Global Psychotherapist” Journal is to help expose PPT to a world that is rapidly modernizing and transcultural and in real need for a model of psychotherapy that is sensitive to these dynamics and is easy to learn, practice, and apply.

We hope you will find in these pages a very accessible overview of what Positive Psychotherapy offers today. In this, we also hope that it will help you discover new and exciting ways to understand psychotherapy and how it may be useful in your own practice and work.

Therefore, this journal is essential reading for informed psychological, medical and educational practitioners, trainers and students who recognize the value of transcultural approaches to healing and wish to develop a greater understanding of developments in psychotherapy world-wide.
Finally, we trust that you will enjoy reading these papers and be intrigued enough to come to our next World Congress in 2022, to join the World Association of Positive Psychotherapy and to become a certified Positive Psychotherapist.

The Editorial Board of “The Global Psychotherapist”,

Journal of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy