DOI: 10.52982/lkj196

Abstract: The article presents correlational analysis of the concepts used in PPT in the context of social competences, attachment styles and stress-coping strategies in 93 female students of psychotherapy. Polish translation of WIPPF2.0, together with Profile of Social Competencies (PROKOS), Questionnaire of Attachment Styles (KSP) and Polish adaptation of the COPE Inventory were used as measuring tools. Minor to moderate correlations were found between social competences and four Secondary capabilities (Openness, Politeness, Orderliness, Cleanliness) as well as attachment styles and two Primary capabilities (Trust, Sexuality/Tenderness) and three Model dimensions ( I-mother, I-father, YOU). Social Contact was moderately (and positively) correlated with Seeking of Instrumental Social Support and Seeking of Emotional Social Support, whereas Body/Senses, Activity/Achievement and Future/Fantasy were positively correlated with Mental Disengagement.

Keywords: positive psychotherapy, transcultural psychotherapy, Wiesbaden Scale for Positive Psychotherapy and Family Therapy 2.0, students of psychotherapy, females, quantitative research