DOI: 10.52982/lkj229

Abstract: The  present study has a dual purpose:  To explore the correlation between the big five personality traits and conflict-handling strategies according to Thomas-Kilmann’s Conflict Mode Instrument and the personality typology and conflict processing as per the balance model of positive and transcultural psychotherapy. There were 302 participants in the study, 372  women and 70 men. Our analysis shows significant correlation between all Thomas-Kilmann’s five personality traits and Avoidance as a conflict handling strategy. The traits Neuroticism, Consciousness and Agreeableness are positively associated with all five conflict handling strategies – Competition, Avoidance, Collaboration, Compromise and Accommodation. The Extraversion does not only relate to Competition, while Intellect/Imagination is related only  to Avoidance. These findings show that  personality traits have stable links with conflict resolution styles. We attempt to find a parallel between the two research lines which may eventually expand into broader scientific work. Data can be useful in conflict prevention and prediction. It can also be useful for psychotherapists in preparing working hypotheses and therapeutic tasks in the course of psychotherapy.

Keywords: personality traits, personality typology, Big Five Factors model, conflict, Positive Psychotherapy