DOI: 10.52982/lkj223

Abstract: The article describes the understanding of the function of the symptom of eating disorders in adolescents from the perspective of positive psychotherapy. The work of understanding the symptom is based on the work with 15-year-old adolescents in the Khmelnytsky Regional Medical Center for Mental Health. It is observed that the symptom is based on the need to control one’s own emotions and experiences and such control is exercised through the body, namely, through eating behavior. It is described that when dealing with this symptom at the behavioral level, it is important to develop coping mechanisms using the balance model.Our findings on the eating disorder symptom indicate that it is important in the psychotherapeutic process to understand the symptom and how it plays a role in the life of the individual. This understanding contributes to a deeper vision of the client and his or her problem, and also influences psychotherapeutic interventions. At the same time, understanding the symptom is important for the client’s internal work.

Keywords: adolescents, eating disorders, positive psychotherapy