DOI: 10.52982/lkj150

Abstract. Verbal interaction seems to be the main instrument of treatment. In this article the the unconscious language of the body interaction will be looked at, as it seems to be not only an important transmitter of an emotional therapeutic atmosphere, but also valid to find out the conflict contents, relation pattern, and helps to work with structural problems. Results about early parent-child interaction show like a mirror the specific needs of a successful therapy relation especially in personality disorder treatment. Counter transference is based mainly on the awareness for the own body reactions and feelings, mirroring the unconscious themes of the client. To look as a therapist how the own body reacts with specific impulses, feelings and emotions can help to discover the associated psychodynamic terms of conflict contents and structural needs. The interpretation of the own body sensations can be helpful in the application of positive and psychodynamic therapies as well as in cognitive approaches to see the body interaction like an instrument to understand the hidden agenda.

Keywords: Positive Psychotherapy, counter transference, protective factors, prevention, body language