Abstract. Interpersonal problems are a distinctive feature of today’s upheaval and crisis. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists are especially needed as experts for problems in relationships and for mental health. Cultural changes and the emergence of a global society have led to fear, aggression, and prejudice in many people. It is important to actively shape the process of transcultural globalization and to provide therapeutic insights into society. This paper will share 14 opportunities for psychiatrists and psychotherapists to have an intensified societal engagement. The focus is on educating the population about psychological mechanisms and social processes, building bridges between people who differ from one another, strengthening transcultural psychiatry and psychotherapy to reduce prejudices, and being a role model for others by increasing their presence in the media and in the social discourse. Our current cultural crisis offers a unique opportunity for psychiatrists and psychotherapists to actively participate in shaping a global society.

Keywords: transcultural globalization, societal responsibility of psychiatrists and psychotherapists, transcultural psychotherapy