DOI: 10.52982/lkj198

Abstract: Why traditional games and how to transform them into powerful psycho-social and holistic instruments in Positive Group Therapy? The paper aims at looking at the space that Positive Transcultural Psychotherapy [PPT after N. Peseschkian, since 1977]TM can provide for the Positum MGS approach in utilizing traditional and transcultural games with a psycho-social aim in groups. Pandemics, wars and natural disasters such as earthquakes – among many other traumatic events – can result in forced displacement and migration for masses of populations, including children, and have severe consequences in the holistic health of affected people. The paper looks at the foundations of Positive Group Therapy, its interaction with the Positum MGS approach within it, and the value they can create for healing trauma in groups when integrating such tools as traditional games. The paper analised the research and practice in the field, demonstrating the great value of traditional and transcultural games in strengthening the identity and sense of belonging, as key resources for building resilience for individuals in groups and through group work sparked by traditional games transformed into psycho-social ones. The features, principles and strategies of the Positum MGS approach within the framework of PPT are further explained, and cases of practical application from recent years are discussed in the light of theoretical concepts of Positum MGS and PPT.

Keywords: positive group therapy, positive psychotherapy, transcultural, traditional games, Positum MGS, identity, resilience, neurodiversity, pandemic, war, earthquake