DOI: 10.52982/lkj210

Abstract: The world of today is full of diversity. With migration problems, religious groups and many conflicts in this world it is important to bring into our focus the different world-views of understanding illness and treatment in different cultural and religious settings. In my article three cases are presented to explain exactly how different Traditions treat patients with diverse sicknesses and their approach to establish the  diagnosis of organic and psychic problems. The object of this expose is to explain the way and manner of encounter when one visits a country with some sort of illness. These cases are experiences of my clients in interaction with Therapists in their cultural settings. Importantly, as a Positive Psychotherapist, this information helps to accommodate all aspects of interaction needed to give a safe background for clients. My method is more or less analytic and descriptive. Many illustrations in this work portrays my many years of experience working with people of different cultures and clients. Moreover, it is very important for our understanding of our clients always to see beyond our horizon.

Keywords:  psychosomatic health, personality structure, psychotherapy, stress, diagnostic criteria for psychosomatic practice, positive psychotherapy