DOI: 10.52982/lkj204

Abstract: The article presents the author’s perspective on various levels of psychological assistance that can be provided in crisis situations. The focus is primarily on the highest level of assistance, which is existential therapy. Within the context of existential therapy, the author emphasizes the importance of addressing existential aspects of positive psychotherapy.

Furthermore, the article proposes a new concept of “actual capacities” as a type of existential activity. These actual capacities are selected based on four existential conflicts identified by I. Yalom, and they help individuals to confront these conflicts without resorting to neurotic defenses. In this way, actual capacities serve as existential activities, contributing to healthier responses to the challenges of existence. By developing actual capacities as existential activities, individuals may be better equipped to cope with the givens of existence.

Keywords:  positive psychotherapy, existential therapy, actual capacities, crisis situations, existential activities