DOI: 10.52982/lkj230

Abstract: This research was conducted to explore the outcomes following the implementation of the self-help strategies recommended in “Psychological Transformation Journey and Finding Yourself Guide: 52 Weeks of Rebirth from a Positive Psychotherapy Perspective.” Utilizing a mixed-methods approach, the study employed a single-group pre-test-post-test design for quantitative analysis and a phenomenological approach for qualitative insights. Data collection tools included a Demographic Information Form, a Qualitative Evaluation Form, and the Positive-Negative Affect Scale. The participant pool consisted of 179 psychological counselors and their 179 clients, who varied in educational background and profession. Quantitative results indicated notable enhancements in both positive and negative affect dimensions across areas such as achievement, body image, relationships, and fantasy-spirituality. Qualitatively, the study documented changes in participants’ attitudes toward seeking psychological help, increased self-awareness, experimentation with new behaviors, enhanced social support, and self-acceptance. These findings suggest that guided self-reflection and support are critical in overcoming personal challenges and fostering growth and self-awareness, as reflected by participants’ expressed gratitude and heightened motivation to tackle personal difficulties.

Keywords: Positive Psychotherapy, self-help, balance model, capacity, capabilities