DOI: 10.52982/lkj206

Abstract: This article examines the history, complexity, and psychotherapeutic approaches to microaggressions, everyday verbal, nonverbal, or environmental slights that convey hostile messages to marginalised individuals. The concept traces back to the works of Derald Wing Sue, with microaggressions often related to discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudices, causing psychological harm. The Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) approach uniquely addresses microaggressions by transforming negative experiences into opportunities for personal development. The article further delves into the interconnectedness of aggression and microaggressions in contemporary society, highlighting the influence of power dynamics, capitalism, and critical social theories. Methodological recommendations and mindfulness-based interventions are also discussed, emphasising self-awareness, non-judgmental acceptance, emotional regulation, empathy, and cognitive flexibility. Addressing microaggressions necessitates a collaborative effort to promote understanding, empathy, and respect for diversity and difference in all aspects of life.

Keywords: microaggressions, positive psychotherapy, aggression, social justice, cultural competence