DOI: 10.52982/lkj236

Abstract: This paper calls for the creation of specialized therapy that focuses on Women’s Health within the context of Positive Psychotherapy. Often, women’s mental health needs are overlooked in current mental health care systems, making it clear that there is a need for therapeutic approaches that take into account the intersection of gender and other important factors. By combining the principles of Positive Psychotherapy with a focus on Women’s Health, this paper suggests a comprehensive and empowering framework for tackling women’s mental health issues. The paper delves into the background of women’s mental health needs and identifies the gaps in the existing mental health care systems. It highlights how crucial it is to have specialized treatments that understand and address the unique needs and experiences of women. It also calls for training more specialists in Women’s Health and Positive Psychotherapy to bridge the gap in gender-specific mental health services.

Keywords: women’s mental health, gender-sensitive psychotherapy, Positive Psychotherapy