DOI: 10.52982/lkj237

Abstract: The article focuses on a significant increase in emotional and behavioral disorders in recent years. The situation with mental health of the population has worsened due to the coronavirus and military conflicts. Most emotional and behavioral disorders are resistant to classical variants of psychotherapy, and therefore there is a need to create integral psychotherapeutic approaches. Methodological and methodological approaches to the integration of Positive Psychotherapy with modern approaches of psychotherapeutic assistance, as well as with modern epimestological research are analyzed. Attention is paid to the fact that modern approaches in psychotherapy (cognitive-behavioral therapy of the third wave, process-oriented psychotherapy of A. Mindell, therapy of internal family systems of R. Schwartz) the use of meditations of conscious attention (Mindfulness). The correlation between actual abilities in the Positive Psychotherapy method and psychological defense mechanisms is described. The correlation between the model of psychological flexibility “octoflex” and the 5-step technique of Positive Psychotherapy is carried out.

Keywords: Positive Psychotherapy, integral psychotherapy, mindfulness, octoflex model, stages of psychotherapy