DOI: 10.52982/lkj231

Abstract: The present study examines the peculiarities of resilience in military personnel and its relationship with Actual Capacities. A questionnaire survey was conducted on 64 military personnel who have participated in military operations during the war in Ukraine. The main factors that determine the resilience of military personnel are: psychological well-being, optimism, quality of life, happiness and Actual Capacities. They were assessed using 6 psychodiagnostic methods. Results show that these main factors have an implication for military resilience because they all reflect different aspects of psychological and social well-being. There are correlations between resilience and Actual Capacities. It means that control of a stressful situation is ensured by honesty and faith. It was also found that personal capacities are a significant factor in increasing the resilience level of military personnel. It was discovered that the majority of the surveyed military personnel have an average level of quality of life, subjective happiness and psychological resilience. However, not all servicemen are ready and able to effectively cope with difficulties. The results prove that internal personal factors of military personnel perform a protective function in stressful circumstances of wartime.

Keywords: resilience; personal resources, mental health, military, Positive Psychotherapy