DOI: 10.52982/lkj185


The article presents the technique of “Stop & Act” developed by the author, a special kind of improvisational theater. It is a derivative of psycho-drama based on Jacob Levi Moreno and intended for larger groups. In improvised play, “challenging” issues, e.g. unresolved or still “pending” conflicts, interests or other explosive topics, are openly discussed and acted out in short theater scenes, without too much staging.  The goals, rules, target audience, benefits of impro-theater are given in the article. The most important aspects of the “Stop & Act” were described such as: the preparation stage, the script, the game, the actors, go-go-girls, the stage, the audience, the presenter, the feedback and the investment.

Keywords: psychodrama, improvisational theater, pending conflicts, win-win solution, positive psychotherapy