MESSIAS, E., PESESCHKIAN, H, CAGANDE, C. (editors) (2020). Positive Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychology – Clinical Applications. Springer International Publishing, Cham. ISBN 978-3-030-33264-8


  • The first book to bring together the innovations gained from positive psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry
  • Takes a reader-friendly approach for accessibility
  • Written by global experts in positive mental health 

Table of contents (34 chapters):

Positive Psychiatry: An Introduction. Pages 3-9. Messias, Erick

Positive Psychotherapy: An Introduction. Pages 11-32. Peseschkian, Hamid (et al.)

Positive Psychology: An Introduction. Pages 33-46. Sarı, Tuğba (et al.)

Positive Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Pages 49-52. Cagande, Consuelo (et al.)

Positive Psychiatry in Midlife. Pages 53-58. Tripathi, Samidha (et al.)

Professional Well-Being. Pages 59-72. Flynn, Victoria (et al.)

Successful Aging. Pages 73-90. Mehta, Paulette (et al.)

Life Balance with Positive Psychotherapy. Pages 91-99. Peseschkian, Hamid (et al.)

Positive Interventions in Depression. Pages 103-108. El-Gabalawi, Fayez

Positive Interventions in Anxiety Disorders. Pages 109-119. Majeed, Salman (et al.)

Positive Interventions in Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders. Pages 121-128. Pinninti, Narsimha R. (et al.)

Positive Interventions in Substance Use Disorders. Pages 129-140. Milburn, Christopher

Positive Psychotherapy and Eating Disorders. Pages 141-151. Chekmarev, Maksim

Positive Psychotherapy in PTSD and Post-traumatic Growth. Pages 153-163. Sarı, Tuğba (et al.)

Positive Psychosomatics. Pages 165-175. Kirillov, Ivan

Positive Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy. Pages 177-186. Ciesielski, Roman

Culture and Minorities: Positive Psychology and Positive Psychiatry Perspectives. Pages 189-200. Duncan, Gina Newsome (et al.)

Positive Psychotherapy in Different Cultures. Pages 201-209. Çesko, Enver (et al.)

Positive Sports Psychiatry. Pages 211-217. Aguilar, Francis (et al.)

Positive Family and Marital Therapy. Pages 219-227. Sinici, Ebru

Positive Pedagogy and Counselling. Pages 229-237. Boncheva, Ivanka (et al.)

Positive Group Psychotherapy. Pages 239-252. Dobiała, Ewa

Positive Psychotherapy in Organizational and Leadership Coaching. Pages 253-275. Kravchenko, Yuriy

Psychotherapeutic Work with Men. Pages 277-293. Christ, Claudia (et al.)

Theoretical Foundations and Roots of Positive Psychotherapy. Pages 297-307. Remmers, Arno

The First Interview in Positive Psychotherapy. Pages 309-329. Remmers, Arno (et al.)

Conflict Model of Positive Psychotherapy. Pages 331-348. Goncharov, Maksim

Using Stories, Anecdotes, and Humor in Positive Psychotherapy. Pages 349-358. Lytvynenko, Olga (et al.)

Supervision in Positive Psychotherapy. Pages 359-370. Frolov, Pavel

Spirituality and Religion in Positive Psychiatry and Psychology. Pages 371-385. Famador, Mark (et al.)

Positive Psychotherapy as an Existentialism. Pages 387-400. Marseille, Andre R. (et al.)

Positive Psychotherapy and Other Psychotherapeutic Methods. Pages 401-408. Henrichs, Christian (et al.)

Positive Psychotherapy and Meaning of Life. Pages 409-415. Cyrous, Sam Hadji

Positive Interpretation as a Tool in Psychotherapy. Pages 417-421. Woldemariam, Solomon Abebe