Peseschkian, Nossrat (2006): Life Is A Paradise To Which We Can Find The Key : A holistic and practical guide to optimise mind and body. INew Dawn Press. SBN 978-1845576639. English edition

Peseschkian, Nossrat (2006): Das Leben ist ein Paradies, zu dem wir den Schlüssel finden können Herder Freiburg/KNO VA; 2., Aufl. edition. ISBN 978-3451070303. German edition

Life is a Paradise throws light on the following questions What is life? What are paradise and hell? What is the key to happiness and how can we find It? Humour is one of the important features in this book. The book will appeal to all those who are interested to know the depth of human psychology and also who are willing to change their life for better.

Prof. Nossrat Peseschkian, born in Persia in 1933, has been living in Germany since 1954. He is a professor specialising in neurology, psychotherapy and psychosomatic medicine. He is the founder of the method of Positive Psychotherapy and head of the International Academy of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP). Since 1968, Positive Psychotherapy has been introduced in 76 countries throughout the world.

Contents :
In the groove Preface Seeking paradise, activating energy Paradise is right beside you-A Change of perspective We can make our lives a paradise-On social interaction In Paradise, You’ve got everything-Generosity and hospitality There are stumbling blocks in paradise too-How not to lose your way Getting underway-To finding wisdom A blessing on the way