“Post-traumatic stress disorder, diagnostic differences, and psychotherapeutic help in prisoners” by Arber Zeka: presentation

“Using the Positive Psychotherapy Approach in Mental Health” by Enver Cesco: presentation

“Teaching guide on Positive Psychotherapy in times of war: development of mindful distress tolerance” by Iia Gordiienko Mytrofanova: presentation and report

“Trust how is it? What to do?” by Tugba Sari: presentation

“WAPP news about PPT training” by Gabriela Hum: presentation

“Resilience” by Ewa Dobila: presentation

“Covid-and Post-Covid Poland in time of war in Ukraine. View of Polish supervisor” by Ewa Dobila: presentation

“Roundtable: Challenges of a PPT trainer and psychotherapist – how to live and work in an environment of war and/or injustice” by Ewa Dobila: presentation

“COVID and post-COVID in Poland” by Ewa Dobila: presentation

“Parables as a tool for a psychologist’s work with the requests of parents of children with abnormal development in a transcultural approach” by Iryna Uninets: presentaition