Милева, Н., Терзиянова, П. (2023). Българските народни приказки – ключ към емоциите на нашите деца. София: Enthusiast, 2023.


Nadezda Mileva – Child and adolescent Psychologist, Positive Psychotherapist, Master Trainer within the Bulgarian Association of PPT.
Petya Terziivanova – Positive Psychotherapist, Doctor with specialization and doctorate in the field of Psychiatry.

About the book:

Parents who do not know how to deal with their children’s emotional reactions often seek a psychotherapeutic help. They wonder what caused the emotions and how they should act.

But what actually happens to the child? Motivated by the fact that fairy tales are magical helpers, Nadezhda Mileva and Petya Terziivanova offer fairy tales as a method to help mothers and fathers find solutions to problems related to their children’s inner world.

“Bulgarian folk tales – a key to our children’s emotions”, presents the basic emotions – fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, joy, jealousy, envy, shame and guilt, and includes selected tales whose metaphors allow the child to develop self-awareness. The authors of the book have also prepared practical tasks after each tale, which include thematic questions and games. For this purpose, the edition is accompanied by additional materials – nine cards representing the nine emotions and a model-man on which the child can project his own experiences.