A Chinese delegation of 15 people, representing 5 centers spread across various cities, graced Wiesbaden with their presence. They delved into two intense days of PPT training, where the power of PositivePsychotherapy shone bright. But that’s not all – they also engaged in insightful organizational consultations with the Head Office, addressing vital cooperation matters. The Chinese colleagues led my Mr. Liu Yang (Ocean) has presented an impressive report on the activities of Chinese centers:

Diverse Centers with Unique Characteristics

Positive psychotherapy centers in China are as diverse as the country itself. Each center has its own unique characteristics, catering to different aspects of PPT. Some centers focus on training, equipping individuals with the skills to become counselors. Others delve into medical research, contributing to the development of innovative therapies. There are also centers dedicated to medical practice, offering treatment for psychosomatic conditions, and those emphasizing youth education, fostering psychological well-being from an early age.

Tianjin: Leading the Way in Training and Medical Practice

The Tianjin Training Center takes the lead in providing high-quality training programs, with both Basic Counselor (BC) and Master Counselor (MC) programs. Graduates are supported in establishing their private counseling clinics and careers. Tianjin also shares its training experience with other cities, facilitating BC and MC courses in different regions. Moreover, the center fosters collaboration with WAPP, connecting other centers with the organization.

The Tianjin Medical Center, established three years ago, has been pioneering positive psychotherapy for psychosomatic diseases. Their fourth edition treatment model has shown remarkable results, with a more than 70% improvement rate compared to medication-only treatment. The center is now working on a family therapy diagnosis and treatment model to further enhance patient care.

Langfang Center: Nurturing Minds from Childhood to Adulthood

Langfang Center’s core mission is the application of positive psychotherapy in education, spanning from kindergarten to high school. This includes science popularization, activity courses, psychological counseling, and workshops. They collaborate with five experimental schools and have a dedicated team for curriculum development. The center also hosts family education workshops and growth groups for teachers, enhancing the overall well-being of the community.

Tangshan: Serving College Students and Teachers

Tangshan Positive Psychotherapy Center focuses on college students and teachers, providing BC training, psychological counseling, and group activities. Their dedication to follow up with students throughout their college life ensures ongoing support.

Promoting Synergistic Development in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

In spring 2023 Collaborative Development Association of Positive Psychotherapy has held the first Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Positive Psychotherapy Conference, promoting integration and leveraging the advantages of positive psychotherapy to bridge cultural and economic differences.

Guangxi: Youth and Family Therapy

The Guangxi Positive Psychotherapy Center, though in preparation, has already laid the groundwork for youth and family therapy. They have 15 BC counselors and have organized numerous lectures and group counseling sessions, benefiting over 3000 adolescents, teachers, and families. The center’s innovative approach includes launching a long-term book club to deepen the understanding and application of Positive Psychotherapy.

Zhejiang: Harnessing the Power of Online Platforms

Zhejiang Positive Psychotherapy Center, currently in preparation, aims to utilize online platforms like TikTok to reach a broader audience. Their strategy includes creating engaging content to attract followers and convert them into offline members, thus expanding the reach of positive psychotherapy. The center is also planning to launch an innovative reading club. This club will encourage participants to delve deeper into the world of Positive Psychotherapy through in-depth exploration of 11 relevant books, fostering a community of dedicated learners passionate about enhancing mental well-being.

With six Positive Psychotherapy Centers already established and eight more in the pipeline, the PPT Centers in China are making significant contributions to mental health and well-being across the nation. As they continue to grow and diversify, they are sure to play a pivotal role in promoting psychological health and fostering a positive outlook for individuals and communities across China.