The members of our association have elected a new WAPP Board of Directors 2020-2022

For the first time and due to the pandemic the election took place only by electronic vote. With the program Election Runner this worked very well. Full members eligible to vote received a link to vote for their candidates from 10 July to 16 August 2020. Of these 1,043 eligible voters 358 participated in the election (=34%).

The voters elected 7 candidates. The 8th Board member is a representative of the Peseschkian Foundation and therefore is not elected. Representative of the Foundation is Dr. Tinia Tober.

And these are the new WAPP Board members (in alphabetical order):

Candidates 2020
Ewa Dobiala, Maksim Goncharov, Gabriela Hum, Ivan Kirillov, Olga Lytvynenko, Hamid Peseschkian, Tinia Tober, and Richard Werringloer.

Our special thanks go to all candidates who were ready to serve as Board members.
Thank you for your commitment!