To all members of WAPP

One important part of our work to promote global mental health are ongoing advocacy initiatives to decision-makers regarding mental health policies. As part of our commitment to transparent and impactful communication, we are pleased to share with you a proposed emergency plan for mental health in Ukraine, which was sent on 5th July to the First Lady of Ukraine, Mrs. Olena Zelenska. The receipt of our letter was acknowledged by her Office, but no further reaction.

Please click the link below to read both – the letter to the First Lady and the proposed emergency plan in Ukrainian and English:

As you can see, it is very important to start now with such a plan, because the experience in different countries shows, that once a war or crisis is over, all money and thinking are towards the material reconstruction of buildings, streets, railroads etc. But what happens to the “mental reconstruction”? Usually, there is no money left for that.

You can share this emergency plan and the letter in the way you feel appropriate. You may also want to think about similar initiatives in your respective countries. At the end, we need a good health insurance which covers psychotherapy in all countries worldwide!

We encourage you to stay engaged with us as we continue to advocate for meaningful change in public policies regarding mental health. Your support and involvement are essential to achieving our shared vision. Thank you for being an integral part of our mission.