Dear colleagues and friends,

With grieving hearts, we have to convey to you that on 3rd March 2020 the “mother” of Positive Psychotherapy, Mrs. Manije Peseschkian, left this mortal world. Since August last year she did not feel well, but it was very important for her to participate at the World Congress in Kemer. A few weeks ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and the last weeks she spent with her family and close friends at home. Her last message was:

Dear family and friends,
2020 marks my 80th year on planet earth. I enjoyed this journey immensely having been able to travel all 5 continents and seen more than 70 countries and territories. You personally have been an important part in the accompaniment of my life journey for which I am infinitely grateful. Now the time has come to start the longest journey of my life. A few months ago I reserved a ticket for my last venture to the Divine kingdom.
Yours Manije

She was buried in the same grave as her husband and founder of Positive Psychotherapy at the Wiesenbaden-Sonnenberg cemetary.

Now, the torch has been passed on to all of us to follow her footsteps and to continue to work for a better and more peaceful world.

With loving greetings,

Hamid Peseschkian and family