Election of for the WAPP Board of Directors for 2022-2024 

First announcement

 Dear members of the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (WAPP),

Dear Colleagues,

This year, the election of a new Board of Directors is due. Despite the still ongoing difficult world situation of wars and pandemic, this year’s Board election will take place as prescribed in the WAPP bylaws.

The election will be conducted online only. All full WAPP members in good standing (who have paid their membership fees for 2022) will be able to make their votes. Members from Ukraine or other parts of the world in which payments are difficult this year, can ask for exceptions. But for them, it is necessary to have paid for the last year 2021, otherwise the exception cannot be granted, or they must make the payment now.

A call for nominations will be made in September. The election will take place during October and November 2022. The results will be announced during the PPT Online World Conference on 26 November.

This is the first announcement for you to think about possible candidates and nominations. When thinking about possible candidates for the Board, please bear in mind that WAPP is an international organization. We would like to see a diverse Board with members from different nations, cultures, and backgrounds. The Board members do not represent their countries as delegates, but rather contribute to our internationality by sharing their cultural and individual views. The diversity of views and opinions guarantees the balance of WAPP’s offers and actions as an international non-governmental organization serving the improvement of mental health around the globe. The members of the Board of Directors should be aware of their responsibility in this respect.

If you think of persons who are capable for this task, or if you consider yourself being one of them, please get acquainted with the following important information about the work of the Board and the current Board members.

The Board of Directors is elected every two years. It usually consists of 8 members. The work of the Board members and the president is voluntary, i.e., they do not get any financial support from WAPP. The members of the Board receive, if necessary, a reimbursement for their travels to Board meetings. In the past, these took place twice a year, but since the pandemic, the Board meets once a month via Zoom conference. Still, meetings in person might take place again in the future.

The member assembly will elect 7 Board members. The eighth Board member is a representative of the Peseschkian-Foundation and will appointed to the Board.

The Board is a collective decision-making body. The WAPP Head Office and the president execute the decisions of the Board. Being a Board member is not a representative function. It consists of regular work and tasks, such as consulting, discussing and decision making. The Board is concerned with all issues belonging to Positive Psychotherapy worldwide. These are, for example, dealing with our worldwide trainings and training standards, international psychotherapy regulations, scientific research, publications, and membership issues. A Board member should be ready to invest time and knowledge and should be available by email and telephone. In average, 2-4 hours per week. English is the official language of WAPP. If a candidate does not speak fluently English, he or she should have at home someone to assist with the correspondence and translations during the meetings.

WAPP Board members:

  • attend Board meetings and other meetings regularly.
  • make serious commitment to participate actively in Board and representative work.
  • are not representatives of their country, but must think about the demands of the whole world.
  • stay informed about WAPP matters, prepare well for meetings, review and comment on minutes and reports.
  • get to know other Board members and WAPP members and build a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  • abide by the by-laws of WAPP and the Ethical Guidelines of Positive Psychotherapy.


Wiesbaden, Germany, July 2022

WAPP Board of Directors and Head Office