Dear friends,

we are excited to introduce a unique opportunity for all attendees to contribute and enhance the collective knowledge-sharing experience

 WAPP Video Studio

During the conference, we will be hosting a dedicated video studio where participants can record insightful videos on various topics related to psychotherapy.

We understand that appearing on camera might be a bit daunting; however, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. These videos, professionally edited and funded by WAPP.

Video Formats:

  • Clinical Application of PPT (1-5 minutes): Share your expertise on the “Clinical Application of Psychotherapy in Different Disorders or Settings, or Cultures.” Express your thoughts and experiences within a concise 1 to 5-minute video format.
  • Video Podcasts – 2 persons (15-20 minutes):

This format encourages two colleagues at table to engage in an in-depth discussion on a specific topic related to Positive psychotherapy.

  • Author Insights (3-5 minutes): Authors of published articles or books are invited to present short videos introducing their work: books, chapters, articles, or case studies.

Usage and Distribution:

 These videos will be published on WAPP’s YouTube official channel as well as freely used for your personal and professional purposes.

Share them with your students, clients, patients, colleagues, and the organizations you are associated with.

We encourage you to leverage these videos to benefit your courses, workshops, and any other relevant contexts.


You can speak in your native language. We will add the English captions which then be automatically translated by YouTube.


  • Prepare a script for your video, outlining the key points you wish to convey.
  • If collaborating with a colleague, coordinate with them to ensure a seamless discussion.
  • Feel free to share ideas or proposed topics in advance, allowing us to schedule and assist with preparations.



To express your interest or submit your ideas, please write an email at with your proposed topic, preferred format, and any specific requirements you may have.