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Ovidiu Damian & Gabriela Hum

FACING THE MIRROR: Positive Psychotherapists Revisiting Their Past

Eda Zenginal & Elif Bengi Unsal Ozberk

Investigation of The Effectiveness of Positive Psychotherapy-Based 0-6 Age Family
Education Program

Karin Tritt, Thomas H. Loew, Martin Meyer, Birgit Werner & Nossrat Peseschkian

Quality Assurance and Effectiveness Study of Positive psychotherapy

Dr. Richard-Christian Werringloer

LIVING A FULFILLED LIFE: Self-Exploration and Personal Growth with Positive Psychotherapy after Prof. Dr. Nossrat Peseschkian

Ivan Kirillov


Hamid Peseschkian

Positive psychotherapy: Core principles

Ewa Dobiala & Peter Winkler

Positive psychotherapy’ according to Seligman and ‘Positive Psychotherapy’ according to Peseschkian: A Comparison

Published by IFP

IFP Newsletter. May 2021, 04.21

Messias, E., Peseschkian, H, Cagande, C. (editors)

Positive Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychology – Clinical Applications.

Nossrat Peseschkian

Positive Psychotherapy; Theory and Practice of a New Method – English, German, Turkish

Nossrat Peseschkian

Oriental Stories as Techniques in Positive Psychotherapy – English, German, Russian, Turkish

Nossrat Peseschkian

Positive Psychotherapy of Everyday Life [English, German, Russian, Turkish]

Nossrat Peseschkian

POSITIVE FAMILY THERAPY (Positive Psychotherapy) – English, German, Russian, Turkish

Nossrat Peseschkian

Psychosomatics and Positive Psychotherapy (Positive Psychotherapy in Psychosomatic Medicine) – English, German, Russian

Nossrat Peseschkian

In Search of Meaning

Nossrat Peseschkian

Life Is A Paradise To Which We Can Find The Key : A holistic and practical guide to optimise mind and body (German and English)