International Academy for Positive
and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP)
Peseschkian Foundation

The Peseschkian Foundation, International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy (IAPP), has been established in 2005. It is a non-profit organization which is engaged in the development of Positive Psychotherapy worldwide.

Peseschkian Foundation

Targets and Goals

  • Contribute to creating and establishing a culture of cooperation and understanding
  • Encourage and motivate political and religious leaders, scientists, economists and individuals for the purpose of unity in diversity. Exchange and interchange of ideas with other social and therapeutic organizations.
  • Science and research, in cases of conflict resolution and stress management as contribution to the development of peace.
  • Integral professional and scientific exchange in the educational and therapeutic work with children, adolescents and adults.
  • Practical application for further education and postgraduate education in the form of seminars, workshops, and courses in the field of Positive Psychotherap.
  • Health and well-being as imbedded in a holistic system.
  • Self-help as a resource-oriented approach.
  • Counsel and guide individuals, families and organizations in terms of education, upbringing, economy- and society-related issues.
  • Application of Positive Psychotherapy and psychosomatics as a resource-oriented and conflict-centered short-term therapy.
  • Diminish prejudice, advancement of sexual equality, the combat of poverty, structural aid in the fields of demographic, educational and health policy, as well as senior support.
  • Establish and preserve an International Archive on Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy.
  • Maintain and expand an extensive library.
  • Award «Positive Psychotherapy Prize» in different categories.

Projects of the Peseschkian Foundation

Education: teacher training and Positive Pedagogic in Germany and abroad; Positive Management for school administrators.

Mental Health for schools, teachers, students, parents and society.

Self-help: public lectures and workshops; Books of Positive Psychotherapy in different languages

Postgraduate Program: certified trainings for counsellors and familiy coaches in Germany (Positiver Familien- und Konfliktberater)

Cross-Cultural Projects: Basic- and Master-Courses of Positive Psychotherapy in Ethiopia (Mental Health Project) & social project in Addis Ababa; lectures and workshops at universities and conferences in Iran.

European Accredited Psychotherapy Training Institute (EAPTI)

The The International Academy for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy has been accredited by the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). This means, our training program (Basic and Master Course) meets the EAP‘s requirements for psychotherapy trainings. Our training graduates can obtain the European Certificate for Psychotherapy (ECP). For this we use the so-called “Direct Award” procedure.