ONLINE viz Zoom on 19th of November 2023.


  • Official language is English. Translation of the plenaries into Russian, Ukrainian and other languages provided by WAPP
  • Presenters are free to bring their own interpreters to their sessions. If you do, please guarantee a good quality of the translation
  • Abstract submission deadline is 15 October 2023


  • plenaries
  • hot topics (10 min)
  • workshops (90 min)
  • presentations (20 min incl. discussion)

Participation cost (open for everyone):

REGULAR Registration (until 31 October 2023)

  • For WAPP members: 30 EUR
  • For non-WAPP members: 50 EUR

LATE Registration (after 1st of November 2023)

  • For WAPP members: 50 EUR
  • For non-WAPP members: 70 EUR


Dear esteemed members of WAPP,

Greetings to all our valued colleagues and friends,

On 19th November 2023, we extend a warm invitation to all our 2,200 members and other esteemed colleagues beyond the WAPP community to participate in a truly transcultural conference: Second Online World Conference of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy. This online event presents a wonderful opportunity for us to unite, share experiences, ask questions, learn from each other, and delight in each other’s company.

The preliminary program will be available later. The conference will primarily take place from 10:00 to 16:00 CET Berlin time, keeping in mind our colleagues from Asia to ensure their participation while also maintaining a manageable schedule for all participants. English will be the primary language of communication, and translations will be available in select other languages.

We encourage each one of you to register promptly and review the schedule formats. Additionally, we enthusiastically invite you to volunteer as a speaker, moderator, or group leader. Your valuable contributions will undoubtedly enrich the conference and foster insightful discussions. Should you have any queries or require any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the head office at

Dear colleagues, we are eagerly looking forward to seeing all of you at the Second Online World Conference on PPT!

With best wishes,



Abstract submission deadline is 15 October 2023.

You can submit an abstract upon your registration or send it separately via


A 5-10-minute plenary presentation about some specific psychotherapy topic which is very actual in your country or culture. It could be a short overview about the main problems of typical patients of your culture. The purpose is to get a transcultural overview during this World Conference about psychotherapy in most of the 50 member countries of WAPP. You can speak without or with PowerPoint, as you wish.

WORKSHOP (90 minutes)

Typical psychotherapy workshop with practical elements and a lot of interaction with the audience.

PRESENTATION (20 minutes incl. discussion)

These are short or long lectures: 20 minutes including discussion. Here you can present your insights, interesting cases, share an important topic you are working on, or the contents of a very interesting book. This is also a good format for young professionals to present the topic of their thesis.

Die Inhalte der Fortbildungsmaßnahme sind produkt- und/oder dienstleistungsneutral gestaltet. Potenzielle Interessenkonflikte des Veranstalters, der wissenschaftlichen Leitung und der Referenten werden in einer Selbstauskunft gegenüber den Teilnehmern offengelegt. Die Kosten der Veranstaltung werden über die Teilnahmegebühren gedeckt. Es gibt keine Sponsoren. Die Gesamtaufwendungen der Veranstaltung belaufen sich auf ca. 1000 EUR.

The contents of the seminar are product and service neutral. Potential conflicts of interests of organizers, scientific manager, and lecturers will be laid open to the participants. The costs of the event are covered by the participation fees. There is no sponsoring. Total cost of the event sums up to approx. 1000 EUR.