“INsight” – Jungian psychotherapy techniques
23 – 28 June 2024
Carpathia, Remeți, Bihor county

Organizer: Romanian Association for Positive Psychotherapy

At 17th Positive Psychotherapy Summer School the organizers turn the attention to techniques from other schools of psychotherapy. The year 2024 is dedicated to Jungian techniques. Jungian therapy is a form of therapy specialising in neuroses, with the aim of expanding consciousness by bringing unconscious contents to light; also called analytic therapy, based on the current of thought (analytic psychology) structured by its originator, the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Psychology is first a science of consciousness and then the science of the products of the unconscious psyche, Jung argues.

In this year’s summer school workshops we will encounter archetypes, complexes, the opposite principle and psychological types. And all through the specific techniques of Jungian therapy.