Positive Psychotherapy Shenzhen Center Presents :

On August 17, 2023, a grand event unfolded! The International Conference on Positive Transcultural Psychotherapy and the Annual Meeting of the Positive Psychotherapy Committee of Guangdong Psychological Counselors Association took place at the Multi-function Hall of Shenzhen Maternity and Child Health Hospital.

The conference was a hybrid, with 112 attendees participating in person and a whopping 523 individuals joining via live stream – that’s a total of 635 participants!

An impressive lineup of speakers, including positive psychotherapy trainers and counselors from Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in China, shared their breakthroughs in diverse applications of positive psychotherapy. From management to marriage assessment, social service project design to psychosomatic disease treatment, and perinatal group therapy – the spectrum was wide!

International perspectives shined brightly as Dorothea Martin discussed positive attitudes towards disabled individuals, and Christian Henrichs introduced positive motivational therapy. A dialogue on “Cross-cultural Perspectives in Psychological Therapy” brought together guests from Eastern and Western cultures, each with unique therapeutic insights.

The stage was set for learning, as nine positive psychotherapy experts from across the globe delivered captivating lectures, unveiling various practical dimensions of positive psychotherapy. It was indeed a psychology feast for the eager audience!

Responding to the needs of the hour, President Kou Juezhong of the Guangdong Psychological Counselors Association made a significant announcement. The authorization was given for the establishment of the very first national “Shenzhen Research, Teaching, and Application Base for Positive Psychotherapy.” This base found its official home in Shenzhen Maternity and Child Health Hospital, signaling a promising new chapter in the integration of positive psychotherapy within societal practices.

In the post-pandemic era, rebuilding psychological and life balance and harmony for the general public is particularly important. This conference serves as a significant platform to promote positive psychotherapy. After a one-day event, participants expressed that the conference provided abundant knowledge and valuable insights. They expressed their hopes for more opportunities to engage with and explore positive psychotherapy further.

Stay tuned for more inspiring endeavors as positive psychotherapy continues to make waves!