Due to the resignation of a Board member a by-election is needed. The Board was calling for an extraordinary (online) assembly meeting, which was held by Zoom on 29 of April 2021.

The only topic on the agenda was the by-election for one new member to serve on the Board of Directors of the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy for 2021-2022.

Election period has started on 19 April 2021 and ended on 29 April 2021 at 15:15 CEST (Berlin time). The by-election was possible by electronic vote.

Altogether we had 11 nominations for members from 8 countries, of who 7 are ready to candidate for the WAPP Board. Thank you for nominating them and showing them your trust and respect. Those who have been nominated and are not in the list below have refused to candidate for personal reasons.

The new member is Stefanka Tomcheva from Bulgaria. More than 50 members from 3 continents were online on the extraordinary (online) assembly.