South Ukrainian Institute of Psychology, Psychotherapy and Management organizes the 7th Summer Camp on Positive Psychotherapy in Shabla (Bulgaria).


3 July: check-in
4 July: free day and evening opening
5-7 July: first module
8-9 July: free days and excursion
10-12 July: second module
13 July or later: check-out

As part of the camp, participants go through two three-day self-discovery modules. One supervising group is also planned for this year. Work will be in small groups. Leading trainers of Bulgarian Association for PPT held groups.

Language: Ukrainian, Russian. Translation from Bulgarian will be provided.
The camp takes place in the Shabla Tuzla nature reserve on the Black Sea coast. In addition to training, interesting events and excursions are planned.

For further details and registration write to the organizer: