Members, groups, Centers and Associations

Positive Psychotherapy is represented by WAPP members, groups, Centers, and National Associations in more than 25 countries worldwide.

In the list to the left you can find contacts – institutions and WAPP members – in your country.

If your country or your personal entry is not in the list, please ask the for information.

If you are interested in becoming a WAPP member, please see the chapter Membership.

Newly started training courses or single Positive Psychotherapists in one country can form groups and inform WAPP about their activities. So WAPP can recommend them as contact persons or comminicate their training dates.

To guarantee the quality of teaching and training according to WAPP criteria, WAPP offers training institutes or groups to make an agreement and become an officially recognized Center or Association for Positive Psychotherapy. Here is a sample agreement for your information.

To become a Center for Positive Psychotherapy a training organizer or training institute needs to have successfully organized and finished one Basic Course training.

Everyone who wishes to establish a Center is free to choose any name he/she likes for it, except for two terms that are reserved for research and academic level and for state accredited organizations: these are “institute” and “academy”. Please consider that an academy or institute has to have a sound academic background and high level academic staff. WAPP will not cooperate with training centers using these terms in their names while they are not reflecting the according scientific background. We are jeopardizing the reputation of Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy if we use academic terms carelessly and inappropriately.

National Associations for Positive Psychotherapy are established by all official Centers of one country. The Association serves a better networking between its member training institutes, organizes national events, and deals with all kinds of national issues, such as psychotherapy regulations and official accreditation.

Before establishing a Center or Association please always contact the WAPP for approval. Thank you!

Please contact the for more information.