Organization of training seminars

If you wish to offer trainings in your country, WAPP will be happy to assist you in organizational aspects or in establishing an official training Center for Positive Psychotherapy in your town.

Information for organizers has been compiled as an overview to give you a first impression on how to proceed:

Our certified WAPP trainers are self-employed and are free to set their time schedules and trainer fees. WAPP does not send trainers nor does it define standard trainer fees. Daily fees for training seminars are to be negotiated individually. Depending on the countries involved (trainer's home country, country in which a training is held) the daily fee spans from approx. 50 EUR to 500 EUR.

For further questions please .

The trainings are conducted by approx. 100 Basic and Master Course trainers from many different countries. Please notice that WAPP only certifies trainings offered by official WAPP trainers.
Please check our trainer list for officially accredited trainers.